On Demand Threat Analysis

Cyber Threats in the Modern Age

Providing managed detection and response services is tough in today’s world. Unless you are constantly investing in R&D and a dedicated workforce, attackers will continue to be ahead of us, the defenders. Yesterday’s solutions won’t detect tomorrow’s threats. As the attack surface continues to widen and manifest on the digital plane, we all benefit by having expert resources to address complex challenges.

Threat information is not “intelligence” until it becomes contextualized and actionable. Responding to your organization’s threats allows you to better prepare, prevent, mitigate, and attribute to specific actors looking to take advantage of resources and weaknesses, including advanced persistent threats, fraud actors, and insiders.

How We Can Help

Threat analysis is a demanding, time-consuming exercise for security practitioners. It requires you to stay current with the latest threats, techniques, and vulnerabilities. To do so you need a massive threat data collection process that is global in scale, advanced analytical capabilities to process the data, and time. Done properly, the output of threat analysis is threat intelligence: information about malicious actors, their tools, infrastructure and methods. To avoid spending countless hours that your IT team doesn’t have in attempting to develop actionable threat intelligence, you need experts that can:

  • Locate all the assets in your cloud and on-premises environments
  • Identify the vulnerable assets and systems and prioritize remediation
  • Detect malicious activity targeting your cloud and on-premises infrastructure
  • See a prioritized view of the most significant threats targeting your cloud and on-premises infrastructure
  • Drill down and investigate risks for additional context and remediation guidance

Using our massive infrastructure for scanning, crawling, and detecting venerable machines and services, we can help you rapidly respond to emerging threats to your infrastructure and customers. Our team has years of experince and is happy to help compaines and government agencies alike respond to new cyber threats. In most cases, consulting is 100% free unless we need to leverage a large number of internal assets at which point we only ask you make a donation to the EFF to further privacy for all. Do not hesitate to reachout to us via IRC or Email.